Sharona Clarke

Are you listening…?



My third studio album will be entitled Just Within Reach. I am preparing demos for all the songs I wrote in a creative flurry in 2011, that have been waiting in the wings to be released to the world! Listen to my self-produced demo of “Are You Listening” here or on Soundcloud, and stay tuned for more sample tracks in the near future! Love and Light! ❤ Sharona

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These are a collection of my nightly dreams that I write out as stories, because I enjoy writing and I enjoy dreaming. I find I dream much more when I’m happy and creative. I dream in technicolor and some of them could be movies! Sometimes my dreams even become songs, as in my song “A Bully Revealed” from The Secret… is to Dream. Read its corresponding dream story and you will see how this song came about. Some say your dreams are just another dimension of reality! Click to the Dreamblog link in the menu and stay tuned as I keep adding to it from 2012 to present!


These are my poems and prose that have not been written as songs because I find they are perfect as they are – just little snippets of my heart! ❤ Click to Words in the menu, and come back as I add more!

Live Recording of "Take Me Away", to appear on the new album.

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