A Surprise Singer

DREAMDATE: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 I was at a Kiwanis Festival class with my cousin Stacy and sister Susan. It was a competitive singing class for 15-16 year-olds. The venue was a church. It was a nice looking church, probably a Pentecostal or Salvation Army style, with oak pews and wooden detailing, a large altar … More A Surprise Singer

A Bully Revealed

DREAMDATE: October 21, 2008 I was playing keyboards with my band. I was so proud; I had a setup of three boards – two in front and one to the side. Suddenly during this gig, there approached a huge man. He was a giant, like in Jack and the Beanstalk, maybe 10 times the size … More A Bully Revealed

Racecar Robber

Dreamdate: October 19, 2008 A few friends and I were at a Vegas-type game parlour in some foreign city. Chris Kearsey was there (dunno why I’m dreaming about you Chris – perhaps because I was thinking about Musicstop yesterday!!) and we decided to play a kind of racing game. At first it wasn’t a game. … More Racecar Robber

Piano Games

Dreamdate: Monday morning, September 8, 2008 My sister Susan and I were part of a piano duo. (Didn’t know you could play piano so well, sis!) Conveniently, we had double gigs, back-to-back, and this was our very first night for both. It was early fall. We finished the first show to a small, appreciative crowd, … More Piano Games

Cinema Dreams Part 3

Dreamdate: August 12-14, 2008 Here’s the most recent of a three-night dream-capade that started with an aztec boulder challenge, followed by a dream movie night of Men In Black meets Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and ending in a zombie horror flick. Got your popcorn ready?  [AN: I never did write Parts 1 & 2, … More Cinema Dreams Part 3