A Wee Little Kitty Story

DREAMDATE: October 2008 (exact date forgotten)

This is a brief little vignette I had at some point but never wrote it down at the time. My little kitty, love-of-my-life, Willow is a black & white tuxedo cat. She is about a year old and has not reached her full size yet. She is not spayed so I am concerned about her getting out and bringing back babies!

In this dream she somehow got out. I frantically went out searching for her. To my surprise, there were about twenty little tuxedo cats outside, various shapes and patterns – and I couldn’t tell which one was my baby! I called her but none of them came running. I tried to figure out which one had her black & white pattern but the place was a blur of catties! So I investigated a little closer, and picked a little one up by the scruff of the neck and held him up close to have a look. The defiant cat glared at me (clearly he was a male) and said in his silent kitty language, “GEEEEEEEEEEEEZ woman, would you lay off the grip!??!”

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