Cinema Dreams Part 3

Dreamdate: August 12-14, 2008

Here’s the most recent of a three-night dream-capade that started with an aztec boulder challenge, followed by a dream movie night of Men In Black meets Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and ending in a zombie horror flick. Got your popcorn ready?  [AN: I never did write Parts 1 & 2, so here is only Part 3!]

Part 3, Zombie Rock Band

I was part of a committee that was organizing a rock show at some swanky building. (Looked curiously like the Pentecostal church in Springdale…. Naw, couldn’t be!) Churchy or not, it was not your typical rock show. Seems that all members but one had to come back from the dead in order to play the show!! They looked like a young punk band. Perhaps they had died young as a result of some heavy-duty rocking out — and we all know those ‘mishaps’ that occur from heavy-rocking-out rockstars! So anyway, the living guy was probably the lead singer, and I could see him standing offside while waiting for his dead members to assemble (or re-assemble) themselves. Now the full band were all set on stage, and happily proceeded to rock their little hearts out. Oh wait…most of them didn’t have hearts — but they were having as much fun as dead people could possibly have! Now a scene in my dream where all of a sudden we are descending downward, downward, deeper, until we hit the pits of Hades. Yes, Hell. It’s where most rockstars go anyway, right?!? We see rows upon rows of beds (think Pink Floyd’s Momentary Lapse of Reason), and upon each bed a gruesome skeleton. The catch: the boys were apparently in some kind of limbo and had better hurry up and finish the show or else they would be forced to remain on the earth as living zombies!!

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