Dream Diary # 1

DREAMDATE: Sunday morning, April 13, 2008

Part 1

The first part of my dream that I remember, I was in a big house. Actually it was not necessarily huge, but it was old. It had the old style mouldings and walls – no flat gyprock or no nice trims around the doors. The walls and doors were like it had been painted over several times. They were a pristine white..but kinda cruddy and bumpy. Kind of like my radiators in my apartment. (Link to reality?) Anyway, I was there with Paul and I was unwashed and no makeup, or at least barely little. (Another link to reality!) My intention was to go up and promptly take care of that — until there was a knock at the door and some friends came to visit. Akk! No one is supposed to see me like this! But they did. It was a couple guys and a couple girls. I’m not sure of names or faces because I tried to avoid much conversation and quickly left to go upstairs. Now, the bathroom to this place was kinda strange. It was a big bathroom, with a big tub. Weirdly enough, the tub was already filled with water – but not my water! There was another door besides the main door. I decided to check it out. Oh cool – on the other side of the door was a bedroom. It had a twin or double bed, and a baby crib. Nicely decorated place, with a blue color scheme. No one to be seen. Now another door on an adjoining wall. I can’t quite remember now but I think it was another bathroom, but without a tub. Or it could have been some kind of pantry. I went back through the rooms to get to the bathroom again, and closed the secondary door behind me. Did I lock it? Not sure. I undressed to get in the tub and was about to step in. All of a sudden I hear a rattling at the door. I leapt to lock the door to prevent the intruder from coming in. Too late. It was an old man. I gasp and grab for my fluffy blue towel. But alas, I had already been violated. Not sure if I minded been seeing naked by a stranger……except he was a creepy looking man!

Part 2

Totally separate story, no relation to the first. The earliest part I remember was playing video games with my cousin Stacy. I’m pretty sure it was a Nintendo Gamecube, but I don’t know what game. If I really think hard about it, I might remember a house and many more details too. There’s a vague recollection in my mind as I write this, of a big fancy house, lots of wine, and a business woman with an intention. Perhaps that would have been Part 2, and we shall call this part 3. So back to the video games — it seems now we were in a car. My car. Little black Mazda. On the right passenger side we sat, but it seems there was no seat. Stacy was ahead of me, and I was in the back about to start a game. The atmosphere suddenly turned eery. I looked down the street to my left. It was very windy. There were trees that were blowing uncontrollably in the wind. A few moments later, I looked up the street to my right. It was now extremely windy. There was a huge, thick tree that suddenly started warping from the wind. In what seemed like only a few seconds this tree monster bent and twisted and then snapped! and flew down the road towards us. I shouted to Stacy to look out! The tree slammed into my side passenger door and I was sure there would be a huge dent in my car (however not as huge as it would be in real life – I probably would have been dead or severely hurt from a tree of that size and hurricane force winds!) After the wind died down, I stepped outside to survey the damage. Oh this was weird – why is my car ‘inside-out’? Expecting my shiny black exterior to have a nice dent or scratch on the side, instead I saw my grey padded material right around the car! No dent to be seen though!

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