Piano Games

Dreamdate: Monday morning, September 8, 2008

My sister Susan and I were part of a piano duo. (Didn’t know you could play piano so well, sis!) Conveniently, we had double gigs, back-to-back, and this was our very first night for both. It was early fall. We finished the first show to a small, appreciative crowd, and made our way to the second one. Somehow I lost track of Susan and had to find my way to the place myself. Horrors!! It was a new place in a strange town and I had NO idea! Apparently it was a Martini Bar type venue owned by Peter Brushett….. oh, and look, there was Shane — or at least a figment of Shane, or perhaps Ryan — to help me out! We had to go across the street (and I had a vague recollection of the back and bookstore floor of the MUN library) and down a few sets of stairs (and I had a vague recollection of the old Spot in Springdale). We got to the bottom floor where we were to play, and it was completely EMPTY! Not even a piano. Just a big ol’ ugly-looking offwhite rug in the middle of the floor, and a few bar tables. I found Brushett and he had just told Susan that it was pretty dead so we would start next week. D’oh!! Shane-Ryan and I made our way up and out again. We passed a guy in a room, filing. Not your normal hanging file folders. (What IS normal about my head anyway??!) These were file folders out of Alice in Wonderland. Massive vertical green things, all hanging on metal rows, which the guy was nonchalantly putting things into. We spoke briefly, but he impatiently said he had lots of work to do. Now, as we got outside there were some kind of brick walls to get past, with a weird, realistic figure of an old man, moving back and forth breathing fire on us! Yeow! In some kind of videogame-ish fluke we managed to get past him. We ran upward, stumbling a bit. I had my pink cellphone in hand and just noticed that Susan had sent me two texts. Where had my sister disappeared?!? I eagerly flipped open the phone to check the texts, but then tripped and BAM! slammed the phone amd my hand into the rocks in the process of preventing my head from bashing the rocks. Ahh crap. The phone uttered a painful distorted beep and the screen was frozen in attempted conversation. Well…., I thought, my contract is almost up anyway and I can get a new phone. And I know that when I wake up my phone will be working just fine!

When I woke, I touched my pretty pink phone on the night table next to me, and smiled.

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