Racecar Robber

Dreamdate: October 19, 2008

A few friends and I were at a Vegas-type game parlour in some foreign city. Chris Kearsey was there (dunno why I’m dreaming about you Chris – perhaps because I was thinking about Musicstop yesterday!!) and we decided to play a kind of racing game. At first it wasn’t a game. We were on this track in real life – in a car, driving a high-altitude, twisting & winding road (again, figments of Mario Kart Rainbow Highway). It was crazy and fast. I could see large black highways that literally curled up and around in a loop, and we had to drive over them fast enough so that gravity would keep us on the track even when we were completely upside-down. I was amazed and probably said “Hoooooooly shit!!” many times. Sometimes the roads would be cut off , so we would have to find the right road to get on where they would intersect again, or else we were “off the track” – and probably dead! Once it got so difficult, suddenly we were safe on the ground watching the action. There were other people around watching as well, or playing. It was like a huge aquarium where you would have big windows to see the animals underwater, except this was an aerial view of racetracks in the sky. The “cars” were spinning along this track and now the space in between the broken roads were so large that many times the cars missed. These roads were not black, normal highways. They were sci-fi-looking pipe-shaped passages, oranged-tinged and shiny. The “cars” appeared to be round bright dots, they were so far away. As these spacecars approached the broken edge, the skill and timing of the drivers had to be so precise; they would have to leave at the exact time and speed that they would make it to the upcoming road without fatally overshooting the top. It was almost tragic to watch, so I said (perhaps within the dream, perhaps within a lucid state outside the story), “Ok, we can’t let so many drivers die. Let’s pretend it’s just a game where we can control the drivers and they have unlimited lives!”    So then it became a game, and Chris was playing very well. So well, in fact, that he ended up winning a huge amount of money! We both went over to the ‘bank’ where they change up the slip we got from the machine. He had a few large coins about the diameter of a bracelet, which were probably worth a hundred dollars. He also had a load of twoonies, and a slip of paper citing a $500-dollar win. So in total we guessed about $700 dollars. Wahoo! What a load of money for only playing for a short time.

As we were waiting to change up the money, now it seemed that we were in a house with big rooms. We walked through a few rooms. There were some nice red couches. The room with the bank lady had a table with a phone, a cash booth, and a large picture window looking out onto the street. There were a few men standing outside. After Chris showed the ticket, the lady handed him the phone and told him he was to answer some questions before getting his cash. Chris was apparently having some trouble on the phone – we were in Spain or France and Chris couldn’t understand the heavy accent of the man on the phone. Tension was building, as we were anxious to get out of this shady neighbourhood with our money. After some frustration, Chris foolishly tried a tactic to get the man to give us the cash. He broke the window next to the street, shouting and pretending that we were being robbed so that the man would hurriedly let us have our money and get the hell out of there!! The surprised men on the street looked our way. Seeing an opportunity, the tall man with the light grey suit ran towards the house, reached his hands in the broken window and scooped up a handful of the 2-foot-long row of twoonies!!! So, in pretending to be robbed, we actually DID get robbed!

Moral of the story: Don’t try to attract things into your life which you don’t want!

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