I Am ~ Jan 20 2010

I am color. I am light. I am life. I am spirit. I am blue. I am yellow. I am breathing. I am inspiring. I am sad. I am happy. I am music. I am piano. I am dark. I am bright. I SEE YOU. ~ Copyright (c) 2010 by Sharona Clarke. All rights reserved.

Me ~ Jun 12 2008

I’m a workaholic yet I’m lazy. I’m very organized but my computer/music room looks like a bulldozer hit it. I do things when they need to be done, but am a queen at procrastination. At times I am spontaneous, but you’ll often have to wait on me to get ready. I sometimes think of myself … More Me ~ Jun 12 2008


DREAMDATE: November 5, 2008 I was in an apartment in university days – probably somewhere in Freshwater Road area. I was alone – or so I thought. It was mid-morning and I was still sleeping. I could see daylight cracking through the large living room window (I slept on a futon in my living room!) … More Spooked