DREAMDATE: November 5, 2008

I was in an apartment in university days – probably somewhere in Freshwater Road area. I was alone – or so I thought. It was mid-morning and I was still sleeping. I could see daylight cracking through the large living room window (I slept on a futon in my living room!) Suddenly I hear a noise like water rushing, coming from the nearby kitchen. As I quickly get up to investigate I’m also hearing a hissing sound. I go in the kitchen and the dishwater is running its cycle – with absolutely no dishes in it. I scramble with the buttons to turn it off. Now as I turn around I see the electric kettle is going too! The piercing hissing noise. Then I notice the fruit blender is also on! Then I see the iron, hot and starting to steam, placed face down on the counter. I quickly grab it and set it upright. Pretty freaked out by now, I’m noticing that everything that could possibly be on in this kitchen, was on!! Then I look up and see the window open a few inches, and the curtain lightly blowing. Casper!?! I reach up and shut it, then franctically run to the living room to check that window. It’s a huge window, an older style that slides over to open, instead of out. But alas, there’s no lock on it! Instead we had a stick the size of a hockey stick on the other panel, that would bar the other window from opening. As I tried to put the stick into place, I realized it was too short!! Ahhhh….I am being spooked!


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