Cinema Time Travels, Parts 1, 2, & 3

DREAMDATE: February 16, 2009

In this series of cinema dreams I was a time traveler, sometimes outside the dream, sometimes playing a part in it. Technicolor dreams, as always!

Part #1: Music Technology Takes a Leap Forward
I had a baby, and was taking a walk with her, first in a stroller but then strapped to me in a front harness. Perhaps I was annoyed with having the clumsy stroller to cart around with me. (Probably annoying enough for me to actually have a baby!! No offense to babies….) It was a cold day, not too bitter, not too damp-cold, but chilly enough to make the body uncomfortable, let alone the little body of an infant. The baby’s body was certainly chilled but she was hardy, maintaining her baby happiness, probably just as excited to be taking this adventure with Momma. We walked down West through town, then down on the beach a long ways, continuing Westward.
The ocean was high, and the beach was filled with round, water-eroded pebbles. On and on we travelled, but finally I decided we should head back. Instead of walking back East along the coast, I thought we should go upward to higher ground where it was warmer. I knew we weren’t in our town anymore; because we went so far West we were now in another town. I pictured it in the little map in my mind, and calculated that if we just headed straight up the coast’s embankment we would come upon this dwelling. Sure enough, we came upon a building – what seemed like a factory building. We entered through a back loading door. Not sure if my harnessed baby was now still with me, as the scene now shifted. (As a matter of fact, I think the poor thing became rather stiff and lifeless after a while anyway!!!) On the other side of the door was a large warehouse, seemingly empty. But then I came upon a man working. I asked him exactly where we were, and if it was where I thought we were. He replied, no, this was such-and-such a building and they were now closed for the day and I wasn’t going to be able to go out through to the front doors. I was slightly alarmed, but I did not let him deter me. I continued past him anyway, and headed through a door near the front of the room.
This was not any kind of office room at all, but a music classroom. The door I came through was at the front right side of the room. It was a very large room, with high ceilings and broad dimensions. In the front of the room, as I walked by, there was a huge screen the size of one entire wall. The image on the screen was a hundred times clearer than a regular projector screen – it was almost holographic. A large terminal next to the screen was projecting the image of a band of musicians playing a symphonic piece of music. I walked through the giant room, over to the children who were lined up in three rows playing their instruments. They each had a music stand with mini computer screens built into the stand, displaying and scrolling their music as they were practicing. One little boy with sandy brown hair and a rounded face looked at me, as if he was the only one who was able to see me. He stood out from the rest of the children.
Fast forward, and I see this boy, now a grown man and a music teacher in his own room, always forward-reaching and now coming up with his own new technologies to teach music to his class of children.
Part #2: Bull-dog Dune Rider
A quick recall of a dream segment – I was a traveler again, but this time not on foot. I was riding a large animal, almost a cross between a hefty dog and a horse or a bull. It was very thick, strong and fast, and grey-ish in color. We sped up and down mountains of dark sediment, appearing to be rocky sand dunes, like something out of Star Wars except they weren’t orange, but dark grey. I could see the peaks of three or four dunes ahead of us as we approached and travelled over them. It was a smooth ride; I didn’t feel the pounding of any dog-feet – it was as if this thing was transporting me seamlessly to the next dream!

Part #3: Beware of the Games
Now in my dream-vision, I’m in a house. It is a relative’s family house. A very nice house, spacious and beautifully decorated. I visit several rooms, then go upstairs to where the kids are playing a game. It is a unique board game. On the board each player has a diagram of half-inch squares arranged in two rows. On each square is either a pattern or a solid color. This is their guide blocks – telling them which designs they have. These ‘guide blocks’ only take up a small portion of the board. The main playing area is much larger. The playing blocks are about 2 inches squared, and contains the same patterns or solid colors as their guides, but in random order. Each player has a starting point, and their object is similar to the UNO card game or dominos – match a color with a color or a pattern with a pattern in a certain order, use up all your cards first and you win the game.
Two baby cousins of mine are sharing a team. They have two small rows to work with, and all their squares are patterns. A middle cousin sitting on the other side of the little ones has a slightly larger row, with mostly patterns and some colors. The oldest cousin has the largest collection of squares, but many more of his tiles are solid colors. All players have equal difficulty, but different challenges in matching the colors versus patterns in just the right way.
Fast forward a bit; now it’s a different game. I am in a totally different scene, and I’m not a player in the story at all. It is a teenage game. Not clear of the details of the game, but each teen has a hexagon tile with a description on the bottom side, revealed to them as they pick up the tile. It doesn’t seem to be a happy child’s game – each tile’s description has a direction to carry out an action. Maybe the actions are long and involved, maybe it involves some evil deed they must carry out. Either way, this averagely-pretty blonde teenage girl is having a hard time with the game, so much that she is driven to the point of madness in her game travels. Cut to a television news flash – we hear the announcement of reporters telling us of the girl’s fate. We see a graphic video of police and rescue people pulling her out. We see her lying on her back on the ground after a giant cement block has been hoisted off her body. Her legs are literally shattered with the weight of the block, so much that they don’t even look like legs anymore – they are splintered into pieces, right up to the bottom of her torso. She comes conscious, looks down at her legs with a ‘what the….?’ look, and then lets loose a screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please officer, noooooo, I was supposed to die! Please let me die! Don’t keep me alive please!!!”

Fast forward. We see the same girl, now a woman about twenty years older. Her hair is a darker blonde, and shorter. Very nicely styled, shoulder-length with a neatly trimmed bang. Her face is tan and healthy. She smiles to her brunette friend as they pleasantly chat on her bed. Pan camera slowly downward. Her upper body suddenly ends at her torso, and her clothing ends. We see tiny stubs of what would have been the top of her legs, but they are barely even legs, they are more like skin flaps. Apparently she has triumphed over her disastrous incident and is now living a happy life.

Moral of the story: Be grateful for your health and sanity. Be grateful for your hardships, because they make you stronger. Be careful in the games of life.

Recommended watching: Nick Vujicic, No Arms, No Legs, No Worries

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