Me ~ Jun 12 2008

I’m a workaholic yet I’m lazy.

I’m very organized but my computer/music room looks like a bulldozer hit it.

I do things when they need to be done, but am a queen at procrastination.

At times I am spontaneous, but you’ll often have to wait on me to get ready.

I sometimes think of myself before others, yet I can cry at others’ pain very easily.

I am a big sap, but sometimes hard and blunt outside.

I am a bit self-obsessed, but I am very friendly and I care!

I am intelligent and sociable, but I’m not good at remembering names and faces at times.

I am confident and self-assured, yet I need daily affirmation!

I am an oxymoron and I am unique – I am ME!


Copyright (c) 2008 by Sharona Clarke. All rights reserved.

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