Chutes and Stairs

DREAM DATE: April 6, 2010

It was futuristic (as many of my dreams) and the humans were being gathered and summoned into a airship by sliding down giant plastic chutes. It got a bit convoluted and I realized an error, shouting to everyone, no! it’s the red ones we go down on – the blue ones send us back up!
Then there was this big house which had many stories and at least three families living in it. It was tall enough so each family had two or three floors each but the connection to the families was only by a door frame or a flight of stairs. The partition I was in had richly decorated rooms. I especially enjoyed …the purple room I was to stay in, with a lavish bed comforter and numerous personal supplies. I wandered through and up the rooms admiring each one but realized I had strayed too far and heard little girls in the next room. They got a little freaked out about my intrusion and after me they quickly hauled up the folding stairs which separated us so that I would not be able to invade their space again.

img-thing red stairs