Far, far away from home as she waits alone She’s thinking aloud Oh what a lovely day this turned out to be And she sits quietly and listens To her heart beat rapidly. Just yesterday he said to her that he wants nothing in return But that he had to let her go Left her … More She

A Bully Revealed

Just a man in an un-understood gargantuan case Wasn’t it tough to be a monster in a dwarf human race? Light-colored khakis with his blond hair flicked to one side Barely covered his eyes Couldn’t cover his size Screaming and flailing she could not resist him (screaming and flailing could not) He was too powerful, … More A Bully Revealed

Not a Love Song

I don’t wanna write a song about love Love is silly I don’t wanna write about lamenting on a loss Past is past, why linger on the sad La la la la la it’s so much better Da da da da da to sing a happy song No-uh oh oh, silly love songs don’t make … More Not a Love Song