A Bully Revealed

cover2016-BJust a man in an un-understood gargantuan case
Wasn’t it tough to be a monster in a dwarf human race?
Light-colored khakis with his blond hair flicked to one side
Barely covered his eyes
Couldn’t cover his size

Screaming and flailing she could not resist him (screaming and flailing could not)
He was too powerful, she would be mistress (he was too powerful)
Musical magic he heard from a distance (musical magic he heard)
Master of keyboard, she surely would be his (master of keyboard she was)

[masterful piano]

Just a big bully, no mere weak mortal would mess with this man
She would honor his wishes and play on command
On a Casio in the corner she would be paying her time
Giant tears in his eyes
Brought him down to size

Crying and wailing, his wife he was brooding (crying and wailing his wife)
Hunched in his tiny room, who was he fooling? (hunched in his tiny room)
Smaller and smaller now more room to move in (smaller and smaller more room)
Slowly diminished ‘cause she could see through him (slowly diminished she knew)


Big bully, why are you hiding?
Big bully, no sense in trying to cover it up
Big bully, I know you’re dying inside
But you don’t have to be such a little man
Just by pretending that you are the bigger man
Big bully now

Play the piano if it’s your desire (play the piano for you)
Musical magic is yours to aspire (musical magic is yours)
Your little wife is gone, I can’t replace her (your little wife is gone)
Living her music, you’ll never erase her! (in music she lives on)


Copyright © 2009 by Sharona Clarke. All rights reserved.